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International Women's Day                        11 March 2016
A team of four Bowen Therapists  offered half hour taster treatments at South Lanarkshire College, in partnership with South Lanarkshire Council. ove 600 women of all ages attended the event.
Working constantly we treated 35 women who had never experienced Bowen Therapy before. Feedback from the women was very positive each one enjoyed the treatment and benefited from the therapy.
Almost all of the women said they would follow up on their treatment.

Visit to Beith Judo Club March 2016

I was invited along to Beith Judo Club to give a talk and demonstration of Bowen Therapy. The members found this very interesting and enjoyed the demonstration and treatment

Fibromyalgia PAIN (Paisley and Inverclyde Network)

I was invited along to to the Fibromyalgia PAIN group in March 2016 to do a talk on how Bowen Therapy can help with the management of pain caused by this very varied condition. Having Fibromyalgia myself I can understand the difficulties faced on a day to day basis by sufferers. Bowen can help the body to heal itsself,  I recommend that Fibro clients commit to a block of six treatments and afterwards a regular top up session helps to keep pain manageable.




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